LED light-up masks new trend amid COVID-19

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By Arab News Japan:

The mask has become an integral part of our daily lives since the global spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

However, countries such as Japan already had face masks as part of their daily culture.

Japan has gone one step further and introduced the LED Lightup! Mask.’ These masks are available in seven different colors and four different patterns.

The masks help wearers choose colors suited to their moods.

The ‘Lightup! Mask’ stays lit for three continuous hours. With the click of a button, the mask can change colors from red to green to yellow, light blue, purple or white.

The mask’s controller also acts as a USB charging port. When switched off, the ‘Lightup! Mask’ looks just like any ordinary face mask.

Cleaning the hundreds of tiny electric lights can be a painstaking job so wearers are expected to insert their own replaceable filters when using it.

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