Inosuke Hashibira wearing a wild boar mask in < Demon Slayer >

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In the < Demon Slayer > cartoon, there is a character that the author likes very much. He always wears a wild boar mask when he comes to the stage.This character is Inosuke Hashibira. He is a very special character, and like every character in the cartoon, he also has a tragic past, but his experience is more special. Although his past will feel very pitiful from the perspective of others, his past is also very happy. After all, he is a carefree man who grew up in the mountains.
He was thrown off a cliff by his mother when he was a baby, and then he was saved by a wild boar and lived with his mother.
But his biological mother didn't abandon him cruelly, but threw him off the cliff in order to keep him alive, because if he didn't, Hashibira Inosuke would die with himself, and there was a chance that he would survive.
And it was the right decision.Inosuke Hashibira really survived.
Under the care of the wild boar mother, Inosuke survived as an animal and put on a wild boar headband.
At that time, when he was about three or four years old, Yisuke came to a family at the foot of the mountain to look for food and was taken care of by a kind-hearted grandfather. although the grandfather was very old and forgetful, the grandfather still took good care of Yisuke, gave him food and taught him to study.
Inosuke successfully learned to read and speak without any special instruction, and was probably less than five years old at the time.
In a very short time with their own or beast thinking to learn to speak human language, this is already a very scary talent, but the more terrifying is yet to come.
Since then, Inosuke Hashibira seems to have been living in the mountains. The happiest thing every day is to compete with animals. If you win, you will be very happy.
When Inosuke Hashibira was 15 years old, a member of the ghost killing team broke into the mountain. When he found out, Hashibira Inosuke directly took his Japanese wheel knife.
Not only snatched the Japanese wheel knife, but also learned that there are ghosts in the world, and learned about the assessment of becoming a member of the ghost killing team, so Inosuke Hashibira, who originally had nothing but strength, directly created his own animal breathing method, creating ten original moves and one temporary one.
This is the original breathing method of a 15-year-old young man. There is no doubt that there are some very strong characters who can create the breathing school in the cartoon. Although he is a child who grew up in the mountains, he has extraordinary talent.
With the breath of the beast, Inosuke Hashibira broke into the examination trial and killed the demon alone. After seven days, he rushed down the mountain forest by himself. Together with the first issue of Agatsuma Zenitsu and Tanjiro, he did not see it, and the meeting of the three people was left in the drum haunted house.
Although Inosuke Hashibira is a reckless person, he is definitely a good man, but he is a little too simple. He will do what he thinks is right when he does things according to his own will.
Because of this, you almost chopped your beans in the box. It was Agatsuma Zenitsu who protected Kamado Nezuko, and Inosuke Hashibira beat Agatsuma Zenitsu for protecting Agatsuma Zenitsu.
Of course, this is all a misunderstanding, after the misunderstanding is solved, the relationship between the three has changed a lot, and began to really become friends and friends.
Inosuke Hashibira is a genius in every way, in addition to the breath of the self-created beast, he also has extremely sensitive perception and randomly dislocated joints, and has an unexpected way of fighting.
He is a good-looking and very good-looking genius in this cartoon, and he is also a very popular character.


  • by Lucas on
    Maybe the author used to be a Demon Slayer, otherwise, how could he have created such a thing inexplicably?
  • by Geoffrey on

    This is a great anime. Inosuke is also one of my favorite characters.

  • by delia on
    Inosuke masks are perfect for Comic-Con. Cosplay, is so cool!
  • by Christ on
    Inosuke’s boar mask feels great. I think I need one.
  • by Cedric on

    What a lovely child.
    I like to watch Inosuke talk when he takes off his mask.
    The contrast is so cute that it’s going to explode!

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