This film does not write satire, does not emphasize darkness, and completely portrays an Avenger wearing a V-Vendetta mask.

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This film does not write satire, does not emphasize darkness, and completely portrays an Avenger wearing a V for Vendetta mask.

I think in this movie, it is not the promotion of bloody revenge, violent bombing, and extreme resistance, but do you dare to be the same avenger in silence? From Hamlet to the Count of Monte Cristo...Countless people write revenge, but I think what v tells us is not only revenge, but resistance!
The world in the film is almost another fork in history. Everyone can only listen to the same channel, curfew the secret police, shut down the train station and keep the whole world in the cage of the power... horrible.
If someone dared to resist, they would be dealt with by the secret police and killed in the middle of the night.
So when v appeared, in the middle of the night there was a melodious singing, wearing a mask and cloak, like a magician who saved the world.
I think at the beginning we didn't understand his extreme behavior, sacrificing ordinary people for revenge, but if this was a revolution, he would sacrifice himself first.
I don’t even understand why he wanted to arrest Ivy for interrogation. I don’t understand why he wanted to blow up the building...

But maybe as Ivy said at the end, he was right!
The darkness of politics is far more terrifying than we thought. They sacrificed tens of thousands of lives for their own benefit. They created v with their own hands, and it was this creation that destroyed them. It is also fatalism in the dark.
The film also touches on many other things, such as homosexuality being excluded, being resisted by society, such as cultural imprisonment, being executed for collecting banned books, such as the investigation of the police governor. He is a character who swings between the truth and the truth. We are firm.
The rose in the story symbolizes a lot of death, but v is not all that cruel. He just wants to complete revenge, including the female coroner who has been confessing. He gave her a rose in the dark and answered silently: I am here for what you have done."
He used tactics to make high-level people fight each other, kill each other, and then kill them cleanly with a few knives.
He pinched the neck of those in power and said that thoughts cannot be killed.
Although it looks so unreal, (Why didn't the belly slander the head...) But when he took off his armor and covered in blood, he knew the sacrifice and dedication behind the revolutionaries.
The most impressive thing in the story is that v set up dominoes on the eve of the revolution. In an instant, the word v appeared, and the flame of revenge was ignited.
The whole city plunged into the night, and countless people wearing masks took to the streets. They responded to v's invitation a year ago. This is a whole year, v gave them the courage with practical actions!
I like Ivy’s last line: He is my love, my parents, my brother, he is you and me, he is each of us.
Perhaps this is also the reason why v has not taken off the mask from beginning to end, because he is the thousands of us. Hidden in the context of big revenge, the encounter between V and Ivy may not be a big deal, just like a Gone with the Wind.
And V's own past is also distressing.
If there is an afterlife, I hope you will all be in the Qingping prosperous age, He Qing Haiyan!

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