Popular Halloween Horror Ghost Dance Step El Wire LED Mask

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Ghost step dance, which originated in Melbourne, Australia. It belongs to a kind of power dance. It is a kind of shuffling dance steps. The movements are fast and powerful, and the music is powerful and powerful (mainly electronic dance music, mostly Trance, hardstyle, house, hardcore). The dance is full of dynamic and vitality. With on-site rendering power.

There are many styles of Ghost Step Dance, and the nature of each style is different. The main styles of Ghost Step Dance are: Hardcore, MAS, AUS, BASS, MARK, Freestyle, etc. (Due to different nationalities and regions, many of the same styles are called Faluue There are different).

About El Wire LED Mask:
Luminous mask: It is made of white PVC plastic and includes an elastic band to fix the mask around the head. The LED mask also has openings in the eyes, nose and mouth area.

Mask ELWire colors: blue, ice blue, green, fluorescent green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow.

Easy to use: The purification mask has LED light bars, uses two AA batteries (without batteries), connects the buckle, and presses to control 4 modes (off, continuous on, slow flashing, fast flashing), continuous use for more than 24 hours . 

To Uses: Halloween and other activities, such as masquerade, music festival, role-playing, pranks, weddings, carnival parties, dance performances, carnivals, birthday parties, prom, theater, home decoration, etc.

Suggested age: It is recommended for children 12 years of age or older.

Package content: 1 x EL mask, 1 x switch/battery pack (battery not included)

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