Women's Favorite LED Cocktail Creative Wine Bras Clubbing Classic

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This is a led cocktail creative bra.

This is an LED bra made of acrylic material. The light source uses LED energy-saving lamp beads.It can be equipped with LED lights of different colors. The most common LED lights are pink, green, blue, red, yellow, and white. There is also a style made of led lights of several different colors. Each cup of the LED bra is equipped with a switch device, which is equipped with a button battery (model: CR2032). When you don't want the bra to glow, you can choose to turn it off. Of course, you can also choose a bra without LED lights. All bras have only one size that fits best, which fits most people.

It itself is very light, its weight does not exceed 350g. The bra made of acrylic material has crystal-like transparency, pure color, beautiful and smooth, good color rendering effect, good sealing, taking into account both day and night effects and long service life. The light transmittance is comparable to glass, but the density Only half of glass. In addition, it is not as fragile as glass, and even if it is broken, it will not form sharp fragments like glass. The shoulder strap is made of soft silicone and other materials, and it is also very tough, will not easily break, and will not cause harm to the shoulders and other body parts.

Led bra is a classic clubbing, and it is also very suitable for you to appear in weddings and engagements, grand events, birthday parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, weddings, Easter, New Years, graduation parties, nightclubs, carnivals and club scenes. Wait.

You can also fill this bra with your favorite cocktails or other drinks, insert a straw, and drink at will. You show up with it, enough to make you amaze everyone. This night, you are definitely the most shining girl.

About acrylic: also known as PMMA or plexiglass. It is an important plastic polymer material for environmental protection, with crystal-like transparency, light transmittance above 92%, soft light, clear vision, and acrylic colored with dyes has a good color development effect.

Application areas:

  1. Architectural applications: shop windows, soundproof doors and windows, lighting shades, telephone booths, etc.
  2. Advertising applications: light boxes, signs, signs, display racks, etc.
  3. Transportation applications: doors and windows of trains, automobiles and other vehicles.
  4. Medical applications: baby incubators, various surgical medical appliances, civilian products: bathroom facilities, handicrafts, cosmetics, brackets, aquariums, etc.
  5. Industrial applications: instrument surface panels and protective covers, etc.
  6. Lighting applications: fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, street lampshades, etc.

Application areas: hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, clubs, villas, museums, medical care, education, catering, exhibitions, etc.

Application areas: suspended ceilings, integrated ceilings, partitions, screens, sliding doors, transparent walls, hotel furniture, office furniture, bar counters, lighting, chandeliers, signs, signs, floors, landscapes, etc.

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