LED Solar Lights Skull Wind Chime Outdoor Yard Halloween Decorative Lights

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Style name * LED Solar Lights Skull Wind Chime

Illuminate and enchant your outdoor space with our LED Solar Lights Skull Wind Chime! Our unique and eye-catching design features colorful LED lights that change continuously, creating a vibrant display. With a built-in light sensor, these eco-friendly lights activate in low-light conditions, providing 8-10 hours of beautiful illumination. The high-efficiency LED design ensures bright and stable operation, while the wire-free and energy-efficient design makes installation a breeze. Get ready to impress your guests and create a spooky ambience with our Halloween decorative lights.

**Solar Colorful LED Lights**

**Product Specifications:**

- **Solar Panel:** 55*55mm polycrystalline silicon solar panel, 2V 180mA.

- **Battery Specifications:** Ni-MH rechargeable battery, 1.2V/600mAh.

- **LED Quantity:** 6 lights.

- **LED Type:** F5 round head, colorful slow flash.

- **Working Time:** 8-10 hours.

- **Charging Time:** >8 hours.

  • **Switch:** Two-position toggle switch, ON/OFF.

**Product Features:**

- Colorful LED lights with continuous color changes.

- Light sensor automatically controls LED activation in low-light conditions.

- Wire-free, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly.

- High-efficiency LED lighting design ensures high brightness, easy installation, and stable operation.

**Product Instructions:**

1. The internal circuit chip is pre-connected at the factory; simply install and turn on the switch to use.

2. Ensure installation in a well-lit area without obstruction for optimal solar panel charging.

3. Charge and activate the light string by setting the switch to "ON" position.

4. Designed to resist rain and moisture; avoid prolonged immersion in water.

5. Handle with care to prevent damage from impact or dropping.


- The duration of LED illumination depends on sunlight intensity, weather conditions, seasonality, and geographical location, which is normal.

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